Message of the Chairman

Dear friends and customers,

More than ninteen years have already passed and US Certified Company kept growing… Because we believed in our work and we reached our aims… I’m proud to thank our customers and suppliers because they trusted us and considered US Certified as their “ticket to Excellence”. As President of this firm, I am very proud of the progress record achieved. We made great achievements that set the path to the future. I believe that our company will remain solidly positioned, based on its organization and culture of ethical action, a wealth of talent and the enthusiasm of our employees for their profession driven by the desire to create and innovate. For the next coming years, two important axes will guide us: consolidation and innovation.

I would like to introduce some of our services
- General planning
- Consulting
- Budget preparation
- Financial planning
- Promotion & Advertising
- Correspondence with invited speakers, sponsors
- Layout and handling of printed material
- Mailing of announcements, programs, invitations
- Communication with abstract authors and conference attendees
- Arrangements for audiovisual technical support
- Simultaneous translation & interpretation services
- Technical exhibition
- Receptions, gala dinners
- Guided tours
- Excursions for attendees and their guests
- Special social programs for invited speakers, corporate gifts
- Transportation
- Air tickets
- Accommodation reservations
- Car rental
- Evaluation and statistical recap of event

Ahmed Ali

Chairman, US Certified Company